I bought this product after reading about it on EDS and did a search here but did not pull up any threads so I’m not sure if anyone else reviewed this product. I used it for the first time and wanted to mention a couple of things.

This product is a microdermabrasion stick that contains tiny polishing crystals. It’s $90 at their website but I bought it on ebay as someone over there mentioned was possible. They have one for the face and one for the body. I paid a total of $17 approximately which included shipping for the one for the face.

I used the stick to apply it but after it was on my skin, I did circular motions with the product on my face with my fingers, the same way if you bought a non-stick product. You’re supposed to use the stick but it was hard to get into smaller areas near my nose. Maybe as it wears down. Anyway, it polishes and exfoliates nicely and you can control the pressure. I was very pleased with the results. My skin really glowed. It also contains a moisturizer so it cleanses, polishes and then moisturizes but personally, since I apply a C serum after cleaning my face, I am not interested in leaving any product behind.

I was very pleased with the product but realize it is not something I would use daily like my Clarisonic, but I think I’ll use it 3 times a week for now. I am also going to order the microfiber cloth that Goatlady recommends but for now, I am really happy with this product.

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